People Become Extraordinary Life Coaches Through The LifeCoach Academy!

“The LifeCoach Academy has changed my life. I started off as a client for 6 months with the amazing Christine and when she told me that she was opening The LifeCoach Academy with Caro, I was so excited! I’m really happy I took the step to join this course. The content is so organized and taught in such a manageable way. Both coaches (Caro and Christine) are incredible people. I have grown so much personally, professionally and in my relationships with others. I can’t thank you both enough for creating an environment that is welcoming and that gives people a chance to learn your amazing life coaching ways.” 

– Chelsea H.

“The Choice I once made was the freedom to a complete new life. A happy life! I want to start by saying that, after trying different methods and techniques to restart my life emotionally and professionally, the Universe, as always, showed me the way! When I originally connected with Christine Rizzo, it was for a totally different reason. It had nothing to do with my journey in search of personal happiness. Though in reality, I had no idea I was getting introduced to the vehicle of my transformation. The LifeCoach Academy has changed my life in so many amazing ways. I went from feeling out of control with my anxiety and fear, to knowing how to manage these emotions and to not be afraid of them. I went from not finding inspiration and having no purpose in my life, to completing coach certification training and starting my own business. Making the decision to work with Christine and have her coach me was one of the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life forever ! After 4 months of weekly coaching I was feeling so empowered, emotionally strong and in full trust that I truly got this! I had all the  tools to help me move forward in my life. After I witnessed my own progress and returned to my beautiful self, and feeling so strong. I found my true purpose and took action immediately without any hesitation. I decided I wanted to do the same for others and I enrolled into The LifeCoach Academy to now start my own journey as a Certified Life Coach! And I am so glad the universe brought me to find not only Christine but Caro as well. I am so blown away about everything that the school offers, it was beyond my expectation in every way. The program is very well balanced with learning about the most amazing tool called “The Formula”, that will transform your life into who you have always wanted to be. They teach you how to connect with your energy and help you gain your confidence with weekly one-on-one coaching. Learning with these two women has been an incredible journey! I love that I now have The Formula for anything that comes up in my life, and that I can help so many around me with what I have learned throughout this program. So much powerful information!! By attending the academy, there is an amazing community of life coaches that all support one other and incredible connections we have made ! Thank you Christine and Caro. If you are looking to transform your life… Do it! It’s worth the investment!! The first step towards getting somewhere is deciding you’re not going to stay where you are and you are going to go for it. Because nothing changes, if nothing changes.” 

-Mariola Santaliz

“The LifeCoach Academy … What a perfect name to describe the content of this course. Not only have Caro and Christine shaped this course to be rich in content, but they are also teaching it! “The Formula” training has a comprehensive framework of why people do the things they do. Each week there are practice sessions with the other students as well as coaching sessions with our instructors. There is a good combination of both self and group study. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who would like to set free from patterns that no longer serve them and who want to lead a happier and more peaceful life.”

– Deborah K.

“I have to start out by saying that my life did a complete 180 once I encountered The LifeCoach Academy. Not only has my life completely changed, my client’s lives are now being changed. It’s a beautiful ripple effect.  I honestly believe the world will be a better place because of this school and all the truths that are being taught. Even if I wasn’t a life coach, I would still recommend this school because how it’s impacted my personal life. I am a better wife, mom, and friend because of all I’ve learned. More importantly, I’ve never loved myself more. Thank you to these beautiful souls for starting this academy and for sharing their wisdom!”

– Elizabeth S.

“In just a few weeks I am already feeling as if I’m on the path to a brighter, healthier and happier way of thinking, thanks to these incredible instructors, Christine and Caro! I am so excited to be able to go down this journey with these women, learning to not only become the best version of myself, but so I can help impact many lives after I become certified.”

– Melissa L.

“I was fortunate enough to be in the first class at The LifeCoach Academy. Not only did I learn how to be a coach, I also received coaching from my instructors as well as the other students. With Caro and Christine keeping the class sizes small, it allowed us all to become comfortable enough to be vulnerable and truly practice our skills. Through it all I experienced massive growth, created lifetime friendships and have the tools to help my clients and myself.”

– Ashley L.