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Published on 8/2/2022 • Christine Rizzo

Why listening to your intuition is so important

Your intuition, higher self, sixth sense, God’s voice, spiritual guide, whatever you believe or call it, is a powerful feeling within yourself that we all experience to help us to know when something feels right, or when something just feels wrong. Everyone has the ability to connect with their inner guidance system…God created us all with an inner guidance system that communicates with us through our emotions. Your Guidance system will Never lead you in the wrong direction, which is why we were created to feel positive and negative emotions…for our protection. 

When you think of something that gives you such positive, wonderful emotions. You may feel hesitant because it may be something you have never done or experienced before, or maybe you feel nervous of the outcome, though something has been nudging you to do whatever it is…that is your intuition telling you that need to go for it, step out of your comfort zone and trust that your intuition will never steer you wrong. 

There is a reason why you are being called to go in a direction that you may not be wanting to. Sometimes we have to go through a little discomfort to get to our end result which is what we have been wanting all along. You are feeling happy  emotions for a reason….You Just need to trust your intuition. 

You Are the Only One that knows what is Right for You…and that is why we have been given emotions. We need to pay attention to those feelings and listen to them. They are coming to you for a reason. 

When you feel bad feelings, maybe over a situation that is happening.. or maybe over a job, or a relationship that you are in. You know those feelings when something just doesn’t feel right?…That is your intuition letting you know TO RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!

Those uncomfortable feelings are telling you something doesn’t feel right, and when we listen to emotions…they will save us from the pain, hurt, or stress that we would experience if we decide not to. I personally have had many experiences not listening to my intuition and much pain because I’ve chosen to ignore what God was trying to tell me…and I have known for so many years that I have had to let go of the control, and start listening to my intuition if I want to start living the life I am meant to.

I recently started listening to my inner voice a few years ago… and I can not tell you how thankful I am that I did. Being aware for the signals, and present gives me true clarity knowing that I can control my outcome, through my feelings and act on those…..God loves us and only wants good in our lives. He wants us All to be happy…

Once you get good at listening to your intuition, (meditation will help strengthen your awareness) so much happiness will be created in your life, and you will learn to have full control of your destiny. 

In case no one has told you today..

I love you 

Xoxo Chrissy 

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