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Published on 12/21/2022 • Caro Szabo

The ONE easy habit to improve your mental health!

The ONE easy habit to improve your mental health!

The ONE easy habit to improve your mental health is to unload what's on your mind! Not only will you feel supported, but you will quickly realize it is KEY to a balanced mental health!

What happens when we don't unload the mind, and we keep it all inside, is that it quickly builds up. And since our THOUGHTS are at the root of everything that we feel and all that we create in our life, it is critical we unload them and receive the right guidance as to what to do with them. Because as they say "feelings buried alive never die."

Did you know that we think about 60,000 thoughts per day and loop with most of the same every day? What we focus on grows. So when you don’t make it a habit to unload all these thousands of the same worrying thoughts looping in your head, the "voice" of the ego mind gets louder and louder, taking more and more control over your life and over your mental and physical health.

These looping thoughts are at the root of the problems in your life.

So again, the ONE habit to improve your mental health is to unload the thoughts looping in your head!

One instant helpful step is to set the timer to 5 minutes and to journal your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Read your journal entry and ask yourself the following 3 questions:

Is this thought true?

Is this thought necessary?

Is this thought kind?

Ideally, talking and opening up to someone is the best way forward! For sure, having family and friends to confide in is a real gift, but as you have I'm sure experienced before, when they’re too close you, it’s very hard for them to stay ‘out of your story’, and when they start bringing in their own opinions on what you should or shouldn't do, it can get very confusing and overwhelming.

I know for me, I can talk to my mother or to my husband a lot, or to my best friend, but ultimately, the person who truly keeps me on track with my happiness is my LifeCoach!

Her name is Christine.

She never judges me. She never jumps "in the pool" with my stories and my problems! She listens. She receives my tears when at times I truly need to let go. Yet, she doesn’t cry with me. She acts as my best friend, and my confident…yet she doesn’t dwell in my river of misery. She receives my pain, and guides me to the way out of it. We speak every Monday for just 30 minutes, and each week I look forward to this powerful me-time moment, where I get to clean my mind and to feel supported, relieved, motivated, happier and just grateful for her love and for her professional guidance. This 30 minute session allows me to be much more productive for my week and much more available mentally for my kids and for my clients.

I am truly convinced that as we live longer and as life gets more and more complex, we all need to clean our minds at least as often as we clean our homes!

Talking to a Certified Life Coach can be life changing and I believe that those who prioritize managing their mind, are the most in control of their emotions, and the least susceptible to be affected by what others (including the world) do and don't do. Ultimately they become shielded with LOVE and inevitably the happiest people on earth!

If you too would like the affordable luxury of someone who has your back no matter what, and truly only wants the best for you, I recommend you look into investing in yourself by hiring your own private Certified Life Coach! To choose your life coach, click here.

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