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Published on 12/8/2022 • Caro Szabo

Did You Know That Sugar Affects Your Mood

Did you know that sugar affects your mood and your overall mental health?

This is how it works...eating almost any food leads to a rise in glucose in the blood, which then prompts the secretion of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps move glucose into cells, where technically it should be burned for energy. Both are essentials for normal brain function as glucose is the principle fuel for brain cells, and insulin regulates our glucose levels.

The foods you eat influence the levels of both glucose and insulin, which affect your weight, as well as your moods and your ability to think clearly.

There is glucose in EVERYTHING that we eat! Including in a chicken breast or a green vegetable! And every time we eat more than our body needs, it gets stored for "later". Which ultimately means, we save fat for "later". The problem is when we continue eating more than we need, the storage grows and grows... And so the only way to lose weight and to work towards our better mood is by lowering our glucose intake.

Foods rich in protein such as fish or chicken or meat or foods rich in fiber such as non-starchy vegetables produce only modest increases in glucose and insulin. This is why protein, lower carb meals help people lose weight. They curb hunger by stabilizing the glucose level and becoming fat adapted. The body then reaches for the fat stored in the body for fueling the muscles, the brain and the different organs.

Good nutrition has so much power that the result is not only positive for your body, but for your mood as well!

Foods that are high in sugars and refined carbohydrates, such as most fast-food meals, convenience foods and sweets lead to a rapid and extreme rise in glucose and insulin.

When insulin is constantly present in the body, other very important hormones can’t do their job properly.

For example, insulin affects a hormone called Leptin. It tells you when you are hungry and full. If it can’t function well, you are no longer in tune with your ‘hunger scale’, and you are not able to recognize when you have eaten enough.

Insulin also affects the Ghrelin hormone, which is produced in the stomach and lets you know when your body is hungry. It makes that grrrr noise in your stomach. When concentrated food are consumed, or sodas, it doesn’t recognize the calorie intake and will continue messaging the body that it is hungry.

In my coaching practice, I teach my clients my simple and very efficient method to regulate their insulin level and lose weight without dieting.

And from new fun and healthy eating habits comes good mood!

Each person’s metabolism and personal story is different, that is why together we establish the right protocol for each individual.

If you or someone you know has had enough of spending time and money on dieting, and is ready to lose their excess weight the right way, AND for the last time, AND to make room in their life for good mood, please book your Discovery Call with me and let's establish a plan for me to best help you to your goals!

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Avec Amour Toujours! Caro.

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