It’s important that all potential students understand there is no regulation or governing accreditation in the coaching industry.

In other words, there’s no government body or other neutral (nonprofit) authority accrediting this industry. There are, however, several private institutions attempting to regulate their style of coaching with a standard for the select group of coaches/schools who choose their guidelines and/or pay the required fees associated.

We recommend all coaches understand and choose the type of education they want to receive and the type of coaching they want to do over any type of education they want to receive and over the type of coaching they want to do over any type of certificate.

At The LifeCoach Academy, we did not and will not apply for Certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or any other organization claiming authority over regulating the industry, because our methodologies are quite different from theirs.

The ICF is focused on the core competencies of the “coaching relationship,” “taking action,” “holding the client accountable for their stated action in their coaching plan,” and “confrontation when client does not take agreed upon action.”

Coaches trained at The LifeCoach Academy are trained to help their clients understand the why of what they do, not just the how. We teach that when our clients understand their actions at a cognitive level, they don’t require an external source for “accountability.” Our clients will ultimately hire you because you are ethical, knowledgeable, and can solve their problem.