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Get to know Caro and Christine

  • Caro Szabo

  • Master Certified Spiritual and Transformational Coach

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Caro's life has been a combination of interesting and diverse experiences. Caro is Parisian born with North Italian and Tunisian Jewish origins. After studying business at university in South Carolina, Caro spent many years working in New York and London as the head of The Estee Lauder Company's eCommerce for the U.K. She later became an Art and Gemology Expert, living in Dubai and Mumbai. Caro’s travels across the globe have allowed her to be the curious, compassionate, non-judgmental and very soulful, loving and sensual woman that she is today.

Throughout her life, Caro has had a natural gift of love and the ability to read people on a soul level. Her pure intentions and bright soul helps her shine her light to guide her clients down the path to the life of their dreams. 

Life Coaching has been Caro's True North Star always! She became certified several years ago at the renown Life Coach School under the leadership of Brooke Castillo. Her now truly unique approach to coaching allows Caro to transform lives everyday. She has a gift of deep intuitive insight and an unparalleled passion for helping and guiding people to creating the life they truly want.

Caro believes that we, and everything around us, is energy and that from understanding energies and mastering the power of our mind, everyone can make their every dreams their reality. Her personal success and contagious happiness are an example of what she works tirelessly to teach and preach to others!

Caro met Christine Rizzo during certification at The Life Coach School several years ago. After having run their respective private practices for a few years, they both knew they were destined for big things together. They wanted to make an impact on people's lives and a difference in the world. It was the start of The LifeCoach Academy! 

And many success stories later, as they say...the rest is history! 

Caro (or Caroline, pronounced Caroleen in French) lives in Los Angeles. She is the Co-Founder of The LifeCoach Academy, as well as the Host of the "Love, Sex & Energy" Podcast and a very unique Master Certified Spiritual Coach with a passion for LOVE where Sexuality meets Spirituality.

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  • Christine Rizzo

  • Master Certified Spiritual and Transformational Coach

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Christine, is the author of Unleash Your Inner Goddess, and the creator and host of The Manifesting Formula Podcast.

Years ago while going through a trying time in her life, she hired a life coach after leaving her marriage of 16 years. Working with a life coach she learned how to create her own happiness through learning to love herself first. Christine absolutely loved what she was learning, and that is when she decided to go back to school to become a Certified Coach herself.

She has always known the power and potential inside herself, which is exactly what Christine coaches her clients on. Learning to listen to their intuition by focusing on their emotions and energy so they can create a life they love.  Christine became so passionate about sharing her experience, and in early 2020, while in lockdown, she fulfilled one of her dreams by writing a book and had it published in less than 2 months. Christine’s book “Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start Living the Life You Deserve,” became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. 

Christine coaches clients worldwide and loves giving back to others by spreading as much love as possible. One of the ways that she contributes to the world is through her podcast, The Manifesting Formula, where she shares tips and secrets to attracting the life you have always wanted. 

In early 2022, after many years of running successful coaching practices, Christine and Caro decided that it was the right time to launch The LifeCoach Academy. Christine is originally from New York, and resides today in Florida with her husband, two daughters and her 4 fur babies.

  • Co-Founder of The LifeCoach Academy
  • Master Certified Coach
  • Certified Manifesting and Transformative Coach
  • Author
  • Creator of the Manifesting Formula Podcast

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