About The Founders

Caro Szabo & Christine Rizzo, the Founders of The LifeCoach Academy met while attending their certification program years ago at the Life Coach School. They connected from the beginning and knew they were meant to one day create for others a one-of-a-kind Coach Certification Program that is in a league of it’s own.  

Caro the creator of the Jewish and Spiritual Podcast, was born and raised in Paris, has lived and traveled all over the world, now resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and their two children. Christine, the author of Unleash Your Inner Goddess, and the creator of The Manifesting Formula Podcast is originally from New York, now resides in Winter Park, Florida with her husband and two daughters.

With decades of wisdom, and an unparalleled passion for helping and guiding others to live the life they have always desired, both Caro and Christine have touched and transformed the lives of so many people.

Today these two powerful entrepreneurs have opened the doors to teaching their successful Formula, and want to share their secret with you, so your dream life can come true!

If you are ready for a whole new level of success and growth in your life, as well as in your business then….

The LifeCoach Academy is where you want to be!